Het project

  • Location Martigues - France
  • Studio Studio NACO

The multiplex Le Palace in Martigues, a city a few kilometers from Marseilles, looks like a large glass container, south–west oriented. The large hall is thus very bright, with a wide bar area continuing outdoors, too. The artificial lightning is carried out by a few large industrial lamps hanging on the ceiling and wide circular chandeliers on the ticket counters and on the bar, with a warmer shade.


Photo credits: Paolo Lorenzi

Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 1

Gebruikte product

The chosen BUXY Cendre size is 20x60, with staggered continuous application, with lux finishing indoor and natural finishing outdoors. The result is a sober and modern open space, varied thanks to the application type and featured by an intense reflection. The bar area is floored outdoors with the ground natural finishing of BUXY Caramel.

Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 3
buxy---caramel buxy---caramel


De formaten gebruikt:

  • 20x60 cm
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buxy---cendre buxy---cendre


De formaten gebruikt:

  • 20x60 cm
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Buxy - Cendre
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 5
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 6
Buxy - Cendre
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 7
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 8
Buxy - Caramel
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 9
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 10
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 11
Buxy - Cendre
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 12
Buxy - Cendre
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 13
Buxy - Caramel
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 14
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 15
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 16
Buxy - Cendre
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 17
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 18
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 19
Buxy - Cendre
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 20
Multiplex Le Palace: Photo 21
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